Creating a learning environment at home can be an overwhelming task.  With the right resources and support, you and your student can pave a clear pathway to academic success.  Here are some ways an Educational Consultant can help:

  • Create and manage task and curriculum organizational charts
  • Provide supplemental materials such as worksheets, Quizlets, lesson plans, etc.
  • Answer questions and alleviate frustration with weekly/monthly phone or Skype Check-in Sessions
  • Assist in creating weekly lessons customized to your student and home environment
  • Help you maneuver through the grade requirements and state curriculum guidelines (for Homeschool students)
  • Provide supplemental materials to assist your student with schoolwork, homework, and projects (for students in Private and Public School)
  • Remote support through:
    • Google Classroom
    • Quizlet
    • Remind App
    • Skype
  • Weekly Blog with home classroom ideas and worksheets

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