Writing with Your Senses

Descriptive Writing can be one of the most difficult skills for students to master. The great news is that descriptive writing can be used across the subject board. Students can write about the Science project they completed in class, or write a paragraph describing historical events for Social Studies.

One of my favorite descriptive writing exercises is having students use their 5 senses to write about an experience. Ask students to dig into their memory of the event and write down what they saw, smelled, tasted, felt, and heard.

More Descriptive Writing Tips:

  • Create clear sentence guidelines and provide examples
  • Build a running list of adjectives and adverbs that the student can access while writing
  • Introduce Similes and Metaphors, and encourage students to use them in their writing practices
  • Practice often! Students should practice their writing skills everyday, which can include free writes, writing worksheets, and essay practice.

FREE WORKSHEET! I’ve attached my 5 Senses Descriptive Writing Worksheet for you to try with your student. Enjoy!